How to Use Google Calendar Using Google Account

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How to use Google calendar? Google has a calendar service. You can use Google calendar using your Google account. You can use Google calendar for your office, school, College and other personal schedule. Learn how to use Google calendar.

1. Open your web browser, type your web browser address bar and press Enter button from your keyboard or click web browser arrow button.

2. You need to sign in Google account to visit this page. Visit Google sign in lesson to know that how to sign in Google account. 

3. You will see Google calendar page with a dialog box then click Next: Get reminded about events button.

4. You will see new page then click Next: Sync with your mobile button.

5. Click Start using Google Calendar button to start Google calendar.

6. You will see Google Calendar page. Click Month button to see this month calendar. This button you see up right corner of your Google calendar page. Using this way you can see day, week, month, 4th days and agenda date.

Click previous icon to see previous month information.

Click next icon to see next month information.

Click Day button to see day information.

Click Week button to see weekly information.

Click Month button to see monthly information.

How to use Google Calendar

Using this way you can see previous and next days information.

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