How to Add a New Contact in Hotmail Contact List

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You can add new contact in Hotmail contact list. It helps to send email and contact a person easily. Learn easy to add a new contact on Hotmail mail account.

1. Open Hotmail website and sign in your Hotmail account.

2. Click Hotmail menu icon and click People.

Hotmail Contact lists

3. You will see a new page.

Click arrow icon in front of New and click New contact.

Add new people on Hotmail contact lists

4. Fill the boxes with your contact people information.

Click below of First name box and type contact people first name.

Click below of Last name box and type contact people last name.

Click below of Company and type contact people company name.

Click below of Email and type contact people email address.

Click the Save button to save this people on your Hotmail contact lists.

Add new contact on Hotmail

5. Wait few seconds after that you will see recently added people on your Hotmail contact lists.

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