How to Change Your Hotmail Email Account Password in Hotmail

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Hotmail account password is very important for your Hotmail account security. If you think that someone guess your Hotmail account password then you need to change Hotmail password. Follow step by step guide to change your Hotmail account password.

1. Open web browser, type web address bar and press Enter from keyboard.

2. Sign in your Hotmail account.

3. Click upper-right corner human icon and click Account settings text.

4. Hotmail account page will open. Click up to Security & privacy button to change your Hotmail password.

From Account security section click Change password text to change password on Hotmail.

Change Hotmail Password

5. If you see sign in box again with your Hotmail email address.

Type your password into Password box.

Click Sign in button to sign in again.

6. You will see 4 options. You need to verify your account to change your Hotmail password. You can verify your account using any steps.

Verify using mobile number

Select Text with your phone number last two digits redial box.

Click up to Last 4 digits of phone number box and type phone number last 4 digits.

Click Send code button.

Hotmail password reset

7. You will receive a code on your mobile phone. Open your mobile message to get the code.

Click inside of Code and type the code as you find on your mobile message.

Click Submit button.

8. Click Set it up now button if you see “Tired of waiting for security codes” page.

9. Click Change your password text to change your Hotmail account password.

10. Hotmail change password page will open.

Click in front of Current password box and your current password.

Click in front of New password box and new password as you want for your Hotmail account.

Click in front of Reenter password box and type then same password again.

Click up to Save button to save this password for your Hotmail account.

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