How to Recover Hotmail Account Using Recovery Email Address

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You can use Hotmail various services using one Hotmail account. But if you forgot your Hotmail password then you can’t access your Hotmail account. Step-by-step instructions for recover your Hotmail account using recovery email address.

1. Open website.

2. Click on “Can’t access your account?” text as show below of Sign in button.

3. Select “I forgot my password” redial box.

Press Next button.

Forgot my Hotmail Password

4. Click up to “ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ” and type your Hotmail email address.

Click up to “Enter the characters you see” box and type the captcha code as you will see.

Click Next button.

Type Hotmail Email Address

5. Select “Email” redial box.

Click below box and type your recovery email address.

Click Send code button.

Recover Hotmail Password using Recovery Email Address

6. Open your recover email address then you will see an email message from Hotmail. Open this email then you will see a code.

Collect the code and type this into Code box.

Click Next button.

Password Recovery in Hotmail

7. Hotmail password reset dialog box will open.

Click New password box and type new password for Hotmail mail account. (msb@#84689)

Click Reenter password box and type the same password again.

Click Next button.

Hotmail New Password

8. You will see “Your account has been recovered” message.

Click Next button.

9. Now you will see Hotmail sing in page. Now you can sing in Hotmail account using new password.

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