How to add a yahoo profile picture on yahoo mail account

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You can visible your yahoo profile photo with others. In this lesson you can easily learn how to add a yahoo profile picture on yahoo mail account. You can upload your picture from your computer to yahoo profile picture. Step by step instructions for beginners with helpful screenshots to yahoo users.

1. Sing in into yahoo email account.

2. You see yahoo mail inbox page with your name. You see your name up right corner. Click up to your name. 

Your Yahoo Profile Page

3. If you see Next: your public profile button then click this button.

4. You see your yahoo profile page with man icon and your name. Click man icon and click upload button to add a profile picture from your computer hard disk.

Upload Image for Yahoo Profile Picture

5. After click upload button, you see your computer hard disk drive.

Choose your image folder.

Choose your image as you want add into your yahoo profile.

Click Open button to add this image into yahoo profile picture.

Choose Yahoo Account Profile Picture

6. You see you image with SAVE button.

You can move you image any sight as you want. Just click up to image and move it as you want.

You can large or small your image. Just click below of your image white circle and move left or right as you want.

Click SAVE button to save this image for your yahoo profile picture.

Select Your Yahoo Image Position

7. Wait hare few seconds until your picture upload. After upload you image you see your recently uploaded image into yahoo profile page.

8. Click Mail icon to get back your yahoo mail inbox. You see your profile picture with your name.

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