How to Forward Yahoo Mail from Your Yahoo Email Account

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Sometimes you need to forward your incoming yahoo mail to another email address. Learn yahoo mail forwarding to a different email address. Using this way you can forward yahoo mail to Gmail address, Hotmail address and others email address.

1. Sign in your yahoo email account.


2. Open your mail inbox. You will see you all incoming email. Click any email subject to open it.

redirect yahoo email


3. You will see your selected email and you can read you mail. Click Forward this conversation icon to forward this email.

yahoo mail forwarding


4. You see your email massage with Send button.

Click in front of To and type an email address where you want to forward this email.

Click Send button to send this email.

Forward yahoo mail


Your choosing email will successfully send on your email address selected address. Click Send button to check your recently sending email. This button you see left sight of your yahoo mail inbox behind your mail Inbox 3rd button.  

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