How to make a Facebook cover photo using Photoshop

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Open new document on Photoshop

2. You will see a new dialog box on Photoshop. Choose pixels in front of Width and Height box.

Type width 851px and height 315px to set your Facebook cover photo size.

Click OK button from this dialog box to crate this page.

Facebook cover photo size

3. Click up to Set foreground color, you see a new dialog box. Choose a color from this dialog box and press OK button. (00457c)

Press, hold down Alt button and press Delete button to fill this page on your selected color.  You can fill it using Paint Bucket Tool.

4. Select Elliptical Marque Tool on Photoshop. Open an image select few space using Elliptical Marque tool.

Copy this selected image space using (Ctrl + C) button.

Click up to Facebook cover page image and past it using (Ctrl + V) button.

Using the same way you can add more image on your cover page on Photoshop.

Make few lines using line tool.

5. Select Rectangular Marque Tool, select few space and fill it.

Insert few icons up to shape.

Select Type tool and type text behind of phone, message and website icon.

Facebook cover image

6. Press File and Save button to save this image on Photoshop.

Click in front of File name and type this file name.

Click in front of Format and choose JPEG to save this file JPEG format.

Click Save button to save this file on your computer.

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