How to Registration on Microworkers account

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 In this lesson you can know how to registration on Microworkers account. If you want to work on online and earn from Microworkers then at first registration into Microworkers account. This website work is IP base, one IP one work. More details at first register hare and follow the instructions.

1. Open your web browser software (Mozilla firefox, Internet Explorer), write your web browsing address bar (www.microworkers.com) and press Enter button from your keyboard.

2. You see microworkers home page. Click Register for free yellow color text.

Write your full name into Full name blank box. Type your real name into Full name box because your name can’t be changed later.

Write your email address into Email address blank box.

Write a password into Password blank box. When you login your account next time this password will need for you. This is very important, so save it.

Select your country from Country of residence category. It is important, your country can’t be changed later and when you send a first withdrew request then they send a latter into your residence address. You can’t withdraw money without this latter pin code.

3. Click Submit button for create your account.

Microworkers registration form

4. After that you see a massage Your account has been created.

The verification email was sent to this address:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

5. So open your email account and click inbox. You see a mail from Microworkers. Click the email subject to see the mail.

6. You see a link just like picture click the link to active your Microworkers account.

Click confarm email

7. You see a Congratulations! Massage.

8. If you want submit a job click Create a new job Compaign link.

9. If you want to work hare click List available jobs link.

List of available jobs

10. You see microworkers page with your login information.


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