How to Create a New Twitter Account on Twitter

Create Twitter account

Do you think you are the last person on the world who doesn’t have a Twitter account? You can easily make a twitter account just a few minutes. Create a new Twitter account and start join conversation with others.

Method 1 of 2: Creating a Twitter Account

1. Go to site.

Open your web browsing software and type your address bar address.

Create Twitter New Account

2. Click “Sign up for Twitter”.

Click Sign up for Twitter button to sign up new Twitter account. This button you see bottom right side of twitter screen yellow button.

 Twitter Sign up

3. Provide your basic information for new Twitter account.

You will need to provide the following information about you to create a new Twitter account.

Type your full name into Full name blank box. You don’t type this name; you type your own name.

Type your email address into Email address blank box. You don’t type this email address you type your own email address.

Type a password into Create a password blank box. You password will something easy to remember, but hard to guess.

Type a username into Choose your username blank box.

Click Create my account yellow button to create twitter account.

Create Twitter Account

4. Confirm your Twitter account.

Open your email account inbox. You receive an email from Twitter account. Open your email and click Confirm your account now button.

Confirm Your Twitter Account

5. Twitter account page.

After confirm your email, Twitter page will open with your name.


Method 2 of 2: Building Your Twitter Account

1. Start following celebrities (optional).

Twitter will present you to popular people to follow.

Click Follow button to follow from celebrities list.

Click Refresh button to view another celebrities.

Click View all button to view all celebrities.

Twitter Follow

2. Find people you know (optional).

You can find someone you know on Twitter. Just type searching people name into search box and press search button.

Find People on Twitter

3. Start following people you know (optional).

Search people use previous steps. After click search button you see new page. Scroll down and click People –View all text.

 Twitter People

Follow People.

You see few people list. Find people and click Follow button to this people on Twitter.

Twitter Follow People

4. Upload your twitter profile picture.

You can easily upload your own picture for your Twitter account.

At first click Me text to go your Twitter profile page.

Click + with camera icon.

Click Upload photo text.

Select your image from computer hard disk.

Click Open button to add this image into your Twitter profile.

You see your image move it to fit and click Apply button to add this image on Twitter.


 Twitter Profile Picture

5. Write a short bio.

Click this Bio box and write the short description about you. Click Save changes button to save this change. This button you see up right corner.

 Twitter Bio

6. Start Tweeting.

Now your Twitter accounts build up is complete. Now time to start Tweeting.

Go to twitter home page.

Click Compose new Tweet box, type a brilliant or witty massage and press Tweet button to tweet this massage.

 Start Twitting

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