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Easy way to update Google Chrome on your computer


Google chrome update version is very essential form your computer security. Google Chrome default has automatically update when new version are available. But you can manually update Google Chrome new version on your computer. Learn how to update Google Chrome on your computer with step by step guide.

Update Google Chrome


1. Open Google Chrome web browser on your computer.


2. Click upper-right corner menu icon on Google Chrome web browser. You will see few options lists. Click About Google Chrome button from this lists.

3. You will see Google Chrome with Google Chrome present version. After open this page Google Chrome automatically updates. Wait hare few seconds until update complete. After complete Google Chrome update you will see tick sign with “Google Chrome is up to date.” message.



If you see “Updates are disabled by the administrator” message then you need to enable Google Chrome on your computer. Follow enable Google Chrome update lesson to update your Google Chrome web browser.

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