How to Add Official Twitter Follow Button to Blogger Blogs


Follow button on Blogger. Twitter follow button is most useful for every blogger. Twitter follow button helps to your blogger visitors share any content with others and follow your content. Learn how to add a twitter follow button on blogger.

1. Type your web addresses bar to add Twitter follow box and click arrow icon or press Enter button from keyboard.

Click Follow redial button to select it.

Click in front of User box and type your twitter page username.

Tick to the Large button.

Click the <a href box to select code. Press hold down Ctrl button and press c button to copy this code.


2. Open your blogger and go to your blogger dashboard.

3. Press Layout text and press Add a Gadger button to add new gadget on blogger.

add twitter follow button to blogger

4. Find out HTML/JavaScript gadget. You need to click + icon in front of the text.

Twitter follow button

5. Click behind of Title box and type this gadget title.

Click behind of Content box, press hold down Ctrl button and press v button to past Twitter follow box code into this page.

Click Save button to add Twitter follow button on your blogger.

follow button on blogspot

6. After that open your blog then you will see your recently added Twitter follow button on blogger blogs.

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